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Coaching with Laura

Coaching can help make sense of things. Whether you’re in a career or life-based fog, a company-wide blur or a blizzard of change, Laura will support you to get focused, find direction, solve problems and take action that will make a difference.

With over twenty years and tens of thousands of hours coaching people from all walks of life, Laura never assumes she’s heard it all. But, experience does help. Laura will ask you the questions and hold you accountable to bring your big goals and desires to life.

If you are hoping to:

  • Gain career clarity and direction
  • Refocus your business or career
  • Start or grow your small business
  • Ramp up your communication and leadership capabilities
  • Make the changes you’ve been dragging your feet on




Now What?® Coaching book

Get your copy and start reading
Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction

(If you sign up for Laura’s full coaching package,
this book will arrive as our gift


Book a Discovery Call

Spend 30 minutes with Laura by phone or Skype to explore where you’re stuck and what is trying to emerge.

Areas of Focus on our Discovery Call may include:

  • Naming frustration and explaining a lack of motivation
  • Understanding what’s keeping you in the dark
  • Brainstorming options in today’s job market
  • Exploring possible new directions if you have inklings about them
  • Solving problems that are immediate and urgent to your career
  • Analyzing your Life Story (COMING SOON!)
    (If you’ve read the book and have done that piece in advance, additional $50 due to extended prep time)

When you click the button to the right, you will be signing up and paying for a Discovery Call at $347 (special one time only price 40% off). Once your order is complete, keep your eyes peeled for our Quiz, Prep Questionnaire and the online scheduling tool.

*Note: We typically schedule Discovery Calls 2-4 weeks in advance.


Now What?® Coaching

Now What?® Coaching bookBased on the popular book, “Now What?® 90 Days to a New Life Direction” by bestselling author and veteran coach Laura Berman Fortgang, our 90 day coaching program is designed to help you gain career clarity and life direction. Do it on your own or with one of our Authorized Facilitators (many of our authorized facilitators offer a free consult), but do it!
Now What?® Coaching


Why Companies Hire Me

Where individuals seek me out to change their life or career, companies bring me in to support the changes in people and culture that they are working to foster. Companies hire me for their high achievers, new hires from senior management to C-Suite and emerging leaders. I support them to evolve their leadership skills, improve communication, and maximize results for them and their teams.