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My client Kat Candler: a Sundance filmmaker

The New York Times highlighted a client of mine – Kat Candler – who is a filmmaker that got her start at Sundance Film Festival.

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Nine out of 10 people who call me, desperately looking to change their careers, wind up staying in their jobs. Most of the time people don’t need a drastic overhaul to make their work rewarding; they just need some fine-tuning.

Laura in “A Living or a Life?,” Fast Company
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How do we make a transition to a new identity when we’ve held the current one so deeply that it is part of the fabric of our being? We have no choice but to move forward with the parts we can keep.

Laura in “Letting Go,” The Huffington Post
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Setting goals makes people “feel more in control of their destiny, which in turn makes for positive feelings and a sense of purpose,” says Laura Berman Fortgang, a pioneer in the life coaching field and the author of several bestselling books, including Take Yourself to the Top. 

From “Goals by Age,” CNN 
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The “Today” show’s Al Roker talks with Laura Berman Fortgang, a veteran life coach, and Anne Sedler, one of her clients, about how counseling can help people reach their goals. 

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