Coaching with Laura

I won’t tell you what to do, but I’ll ask you the questions that make your next steps clear.

Coaching can help make sense of things. Whether you’re in a career or life-based fog, a company-wide blur or a blizzard of change, Laura will support you to get focused, find direction, solve problems and take action that will make a difference.

With over twenty years and tens of thousands of hours coaching people from all walks of life, Laura never assumes she’s heard it all. But, experience does help. Laura will ask you the questions and hold you accountable to bring your big goals and desires to life.


I Need
Career Coaching

  • Gain career clarity and direction
  • Choose a new career
  • Leverage experience toward something new
  • Ramp up your networking
  • Accelerate solidifying a strategy

I Need to Grow my Coaching Business

  • Gain clarity and direction
  • Package my offers
  • Improve my closing rate
  • Market myself
  • Improve client result

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What People Are Saying About Me

Nariah Broadus, Director for Innovation and Growth, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

After attending a group workshop with Laura I had great insights about myself, but I felt like there was more work to do. I just couldn’t identify my purpose and I felt like I was going down many roads–all of which felt not quite right. Over three months Laura kept me focused and motivated on my goals. She encouraged me to advocate for myself, to recognize that I could get what I wanted (and needed), and to not settle. I found her to be funny and charismatic, but what I loved was that she helped me see the thru-line for my work–for who I am. Discovering this has made things click in a way they haven’t before. Now, I have a map to my life and career and I see myself reflected in the professional choices I’m making.

Scott Sargent, quick-service restaurant industry

Knowing what you do everyday is easy; knowing who you truly are takes some digging. Laura is a master at teaching others how to “dig”. Laura worked alongside me to show me how to look past what I’ve learned to do well and discover who I am at my core; to discover my essence. This kind of self-knowledge and awareness has set me on a completely different path in life. I know who I am now and what ignites the passion inside of me and I won’t quit reaching for it…I cant! Thank you Laura!!!

MJ Range, Palm Beach, FL

When I started to work with Laura to build my executive search practice, I was a novice at marketing myself, PR and most of all organizing my work week. A year later, not only had I exceeded my goals, I was ready to double them. After two years, I had achieved everything on my dream list including a house with a garden. Now, happily retired, I continue to thank her for my success and my wonderful lifestyle.

Brigid Siegel, pharma executive

I have truly made it to the center of the international stage in my field and I have you to thank for all of the great coaching!

Lisa Anselmo, Author and travel show host, My (Part-Time) Paris Life

Laura Berman Fortgang’s coaching brought clarity at a time when every thought in my head ended with a question mark. Sure, I was unhappy, stymied in my formerly satisfying career, but now what? What was my new career to be? What was my passion? And how would I make money? Paralyzed by fear and dread, I spun in place for nearly a year until I made the call that would change my life. Laura’s coaching program is focused and structured, and with each week of exercises and sessions, I could see the clouds lifting. In only six weeks, I gained a clearer sense of who I was, how I had been in my own way, and most importantly, what I was meant for. Laura’s way of working points you to your True North; guiding you to the answers that are already inside you, drawing them out, and turning them into an action plan. The best investment I ever made in myself. Ever.