Laura Berman Fortgang

Dynamic Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator


Not only is Laura Berman Fortgang a TEDx speaker, but she has been a spokesperson for several corporate brands, a motivational speaker in the franchise industry, and she has also taught at intimate retreats.

Where many speakers rely upon tired clichés, Laura helps each member of the audience find clarity through actionable steps.

Her library of published books is a testament to the abundance of people she has helped guide their own career paths, learn to communicate in agile teams, and create a lasting company culture.

When it comes to your next corporate event, training, or retreat, there is no better person to book than Laura.




Reinvent with Intent: From Constant Chaos to Focused Results
When markets change, industry is disrupted, reorganization is occurring, the status quo is challenged.

Discover the three-part formula to reinventing your organization for sustainable growth. Emerge from the chaos refreshed, relevant, and passionately engaged.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize where resistance is to change
  • Understand the brain’s wiring where change is concerned
  • Identify your place on the change spectrum
  • Overcome your own psychological obstacles to change
  • Discover your reinvention readiness factor
  • Explore the three-part formula for reinvention of a team, department or organization
  • Create touchstones and takeaways that can be repeated immediately
  • Build a resilient culture


Reinventing Your Story to Catapult Your Success
When you want to raise the stakes, improve morale, invest in human capital.

We all tell stories about our brands and about ourselves. The ones we tell ourselves shape our results. Learn to craft a story that serves you and maximizes the outcomes you want.

Learning Objectives:

  • Build awareness of subtle and not so subtle self-sabotage
  • Explore what stories to change to improve goal attainment
  • Understand why the less-stellar stories pervade and prevail
  • Discover where the best stories are hidden
  • Follow the three rules for sustainable, positive narratives
  • Watch light bulbs (ah-ha’s) go off as you learn
  • Leave with valuable, repeatable steps to take


Reinvent Your Career: How to Bring More of What You’re Built to do to Work Every Day
When you want to boost engagement, retention, invest in rising leadership

Upping your game requires being integrated—aligning who you are with what you do. Discover how to up level without choosing to exit. When you play on full cylinders, others will too.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover new internally-driven criteria that will fuel new results and performance
  • Learn what you are built to do whether it’s currently in your job description or not and how to do more of it
  • Explore how to up your game to serve yourself and those around you even more
  • Understand how this awareness can catapult results for you, your team and your business
  • Realize that once you are aware of these concepts for yourself, you’ll know how to bring out the best in others as well
  • Walk away with renewed engagement and passion



Reinvent Your Coaching Skills: Mastering the Power of Positive Leadership
When it’s time to invest in your leaders, increase productivity and boost results.

As a half-day or full-day, Laura will catapult good managers and senior leaders to become outstanding ones by sharpening their coaching skills. When Laura is done training your leaders, they will question whether they had really ever coached before. The art and science of coaching is made clear in a few hard-hitting but fun steps.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the difference between managing people and coaching them
  • Explore language tools that shift feedback from a chore to an invitation to greatness
  • Understand where your gold is as a leader of others (hint: it’s not your expertise and experience)
  • Learn how to ask questions in a way you never have before
  • Cement accountability with new techniques
  • Become fearless about difficult conversations
  • Understand principles that predict behavior to lessen your stress about it
  • Get better results from your leadership style and maybe change it all together
  • Walk away with cheat sheets and reminders for sustainable change

In an interactive, hands-on format, Laura will provide a fun, engaging and effective course for mastering positive leadership.



If you want everyone to feel heard, navigate difficult conversations or have a visioning/planning meeting that exceeds everyone expectations, you’ll want to consider bringing Laura in. Her ease in front of a room combined with her keen listening skills, gives you a work session with no lulls and concrete outcomes.

Here is what one recent board chair had to say:

I want to tell you how fabulous the program was. Your ability to distill what others said into neat, visual pictures was amazing. It made the discussions productive.

Laura in Action…



For Meeting Planners

People Are Saying

We keep bringing you back because our women executives love you! You consistently get rave reviews! A participant told me she was using your technique on a call with her team the night of the event and had amazing results! You are dynamic, clear and intentional. Your method is easy to learn yet highly effective. Thank you for always delivering on your promise.
Iris Newalu
Director, Smith College Executive Education

I knew from the very first time I saw you, that your energy and zest is just what I needed for our luncheon keynote. I am still receiving rave reviews from your presentation.
T. Smith
Diversity Coordinator, DFW International Airport

Thank you once again for your tremendous presentation at the HBA Leadership Conference. We want you to know that you received the highest score. More people stopped to provide feedback for you than any other session.
Healthcare Business Association

We all appreciated your sense of humor, your ability to get people involved and your very valuable takeaways. Comments like “Time flew by! I could listen all day!” prove that time really does fly when you are having fun.
Yum! Brands

You delivered LBF! I knew that you would and I’m so delighted that everyone found value in your message.
H. Davidson, Sr. District Manager Eli Lilly

Everyone kept referring to your speech. You unleashed a fabulous energy at the conference that took us to new heights. We got the finest evaluations of any conference we’ve run and I think you were a big part of that accomplishment.
Ken Blanchard, CSO, Ken Blanchard Companies

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